Enabling key industries to get back to work while protecting employees and their families.

Research shows that during the current COVID-19 crisis 70% of the employees feel unsafe in their work environment. Businesses and employers can play a role in stopping the spread of this disease.

Our Infloow Contact Tracer is a simple way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace. It is used for contact tracing in order to keep your premises like offices, warehouses, factories and DC’s safe and protect the health of your workers.

Contact Tracing

Our innovative tracer is extremely helpful in making sure you can contribute to social distancing and contact tracing the government and WHO ask for. If someone shows signs of infection an authorized confidential advisor (usually the HR manager) can track contact events with other workers to prevent more infections and shutting down the whole factory.

Benefits of our Contact Tracer

  • Keep your employees and their families healthy and safe
  • Low cost solution
  • Unique tool for stopping the possible spread of COVID-19 within your company


Please find all information about the INFLOOW Contact Tracer in our brochure.