Product description and details

The Infloow Contact Tracer with clip and lanyard

How it works

Infloow assumes the HR department is the party inside the company who is going the introduce the system to the employees. HR hands-out the tracers to the employees and registers which tracer-id is linked to which employee. This is analogue to registering badges to employees. From that moment on all employees do wear an Infloow Contact Tracer during work.

If two employees wearing such a tracer approach each other within the 1.5 m, 6 feet in the USA, both tracers exchange anonymized and encrypted ID’s. The data is not stored in the cloud only inside the tracer itself.

If an employee gets infected his tracer will be unlocked by the HR department with the secure Infloow App and the contact data inside will be collected. The HR department will check this contact data (14 days of data) and compares this with the original employee list. Based on the amount of contact events, which translates in amount of minutes during a day, high risk employees are warned and asked to go in quarantine. In The Netherlands the RIVM has a guideline with a threshold of 15 minutes within 1.5 meter, in the USA the CDC indicates this as 10 minutes within 6 feet.

The spread of the disease in your workplace can be stopped without the risk of a complete lock down of the facility.

The Contact Tracer

The tracer has a battery which will last 6 months. It is based on Bluetooth technology. It can store two weeks of event data in a circular buffer. The Contact Tracer will be delivered with a cord (around the neck) and clip (for wearing on the belt).

The App

The tracer will have a QR code label. With the Infloow App (Apple iOS and Android) this QR code can be scanned and then the App will make contact with the tracer to download its memory. From the App this file can be mailed and exported in Excel format. The HR Officer can then compare this events list with the employee list.

* Important! The Infloow Tracer app is to be used only in combination with our Infloow tracers. Without our tracers and a received pincode, this app will not be of any use. *